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In your email program, open the confirmation message from Facebook: "Welcome to Facebook - get started now!" and click on "Get Started" to confirm your account.

How To Hack Facebook Account By Html Coding

Computer Help. If you created a Facebook account with an email, we sent a confirmation link to that email. If you can't find your confirmation email: Check your junk mail folder. If you're using Gmail, check your Social emails. Make sure that you entered the correct email. If you entered the wrong email, you can change it and send the email again.

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Jun 06,  · How to see your Facebook email address 1. Go to your settings. Firstly, log in to Facebook if you haven’t already. If you forgot your email address, you can 2. Tap on “Name and contact information”. After you’ve tapped on “Settings”, you’ll land on the settings page. On the 3. Tap on “Contact.